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For Sale

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For Sale


April 2009:



Having now completed [at least for the moment] my 28mm purchases, I've got some spares that are up for grabs - all prices include UK P&P; for rest of world add £1.50 [airmail]

1] Various Special Forces figures by The Assault Group: mint: £4.50

2] Chechen figures by The Assault Group: mint: £2.00

3] Arab insurgents / militia by Mongrel Miniatures: includes a Recoiless Rifle & crew: mint: £7.50

4] British infantry by The Assault Group: in various states of painting [not by me]: see pic: £7.50

5] Odds & sods: 3 figures [Delta, Ranger & Sniper by The Assault Group, 3 Alpini figures by D&P]: mint but some barrels broken off - see pic: £3

Or take the lot for £22 [saving a further £2.50] Cool 





Contact me here if you're interested in anything


Please feel free to haggle - I love a good haggle!

Similarly if you'd rather trade - email me with what you've got...


I also list on eBay under the username "njoh" - a quick search there will show you my good feedback & any items I currently have.


Postage & Packing:


UK: postage is included in the prices listed

International: please contact me for shipping costs


If I haven't posted pics of something you're interested in please email me & I'll sort it out for you


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